The general term of a sequence is the expression that represents all the terms of the sequence (there are usually infinitive terms!).The general term is expressed by an algebraic expression that shows therelation between the that term.
A  sequenceis  increasing  if  every  term  is  greater  the  previous  one  and  a sequence  is decreasing  if  every  term  is  less  than  the  previous.

Some  sequences  are  special  because  they  have  a  singular  structure.

The  difference of  any  two  successive  terms  of  the  sequence  is aconstant. They   can   be   defined   by   the   first   term   and   the   constant   value   called   common difference. These  sequences  always increase  (or  decrease). These  sequences  are  called  arithmetic progressions.

A  geometric  progression  is  a  sequence  where  every  term  is  generated by multiplying the  previous  one  by  a  fixed  number  called  the common  ratio  of the  progression. 

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